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South Korea’s Top 10 Wine Exporters in January 2022

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South Korea saw its wine importations grow to US$47 million at the start of the new year.

Based on data from the Korea Customs Service, the country raised its wine imports by 4% in January, mainly driven by increases in exports made by its top three exporters.

France, which remains its top wine exporter, delivered around US$14 million worth of wines to South Korea, rising by 4% compared to the same month last year.

The United States went up two notches taking the second spot as a top exporter as it raised wine exports by 31% to US$9 million. 

Imported wines from Italy grew by 4% in value to $7.4 million.

Chilean wines, which was formerly the second-biggest imported wine in South Korea, went down to the fourth spot as imports fell by 19% to US$6 million.

Australia switched places with Spain for fifth place as it raised wine exports by a fifth to US$3 million. Spanish wines declined by 15% to US$2.9 million.

Argentinian wines also swapped with New Zealand wines for the seventh spot as importation rose by 46% to US$1.3 million. The latter still showed import growth of 12%. 

Wine importations from Portugal and Germany both went down by 10% and 39%, respectively.  

In terms of categories, there was no change in imported wines in containers holding 2 liters or less at US$38.4 million. 

Imported bottles of over 2L but less than 10L expanded by four times to $420,000. Meanwhile, there was a 15% increase in other imported wines.

South Korea’s Top 10 Wine Exporters in January 2022 vs 2021

Rank Country Value in 2022 Value in 2021 % Change
1 France $13,760,000 $13,292,000 +4%
2 United States $9,107,000 $6,942,000 +31%
3 Italy $7,432,000 $7,165,000 +4%
4 Chile $5,896,000 $7,317,000 -19%
5 Australia $3,095,000 $2,587,000 +20%
6 Spain $2,983,000 $3,508,000 -15%
7 Argentina $1,334,000 $911,000 +46%
8 New Zealand $1,256,000 $1,121,000 +12%
9 Portugal $538,000 $595,000 -10%
10 Germany $300,000 $491,000 -39%
Total $46,739,000 $44,801,000 +4%
Source: South Korea Customs

Wine Categories in January 2022 vs 2021

Bottled Wine Size Value in 2022 Value in 2021 % Change
In containers holding 2 L or less $38,403,000 $38,634,000 =
In containers holding more than 2 L but not more than 10 L $424,000 $95,000 +346%
Other $730,000 $637,000 +15%
Source: South Korea Customs

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