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Asia Wine News is part of Asia Beverage Media Group Limited, based in Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Bangkok, which also includes Jiu Dashi, Cellar.Asia, Cellar & Friends, Wine247, and The Asian Sommeliers. Asia Beverage Media Group is the first and only media covering the whole Asia-Pacific region in local languages, providing exclusive news and analysis to industry leaders and wine professionals, as well as engaging content designed for wine lovers of any level, from beginners to connoisseurs.

It is our mission to understand the forces shaping the future of the wine industry in Asia by bringing our readers the latest news, in-depth analysis, and reports exploring developments in that landscape. We seek to understand how consumption behaviors are changing, how the digital and distribution landscape in China and the other Asian markets is developing, and how brands are adapting and taking advantage of those changes.

Our content, designed both for B2B wine industry leaders and B2C wine buyers, is published through the whole Asia-Pacific region in local languages, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, and in China in simplified and traditional Chinese through our platform and social community Jiu Dashi 酒大师Official.

Our team consists of highly-qualified local and Western professionals based in all Asia-Pacific markets, including wine journalists, young and passionate digital and marketing specialists, certified sommeliers, sales managers and experienced brand representatives working in the Asian wine industry for over 20 years. Our goal is to become the most authoritative and trustworthy source on the China’s and Asia’s wine industry.

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