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China’s Top 10 Wine Exporting Countries in August 2021

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China bought US$150 million worth of wines, mostly coming from its top 10 sources abroad, in August.

Data from China Customs showed that the country’s wine importation climbed by 3% over the same month last year.

France, Chile, and Italy remained its top monthly wine exporters; the Chinese state raised importations from these countries by 36%, 94%, and 79%, respectively.

China has more than doubled its uptake of both wines from Italy and South Africa to US$15 million and US$2.5 million, respectively. 

It also saw imported Argentinian and New Zealand wines tripled in value to US$3.6 million and US$3.5 million, respectively.

Wines from the US rose by 38% and German wines also jumped by 21% in value export. 

Meanwhile, China continued to lessen its importation of Australian wines, which declined to just US$1.9 million from US$53.7 million in August last year.

In terms of bottled wines, those in containers of over 2 liters more than doubled in value to US$10 million in August, while imported sparkling wines increased by 87% to US$11 million. Wines in containers of less than 2 liters decreased by 4% to US$128 million.

So far in the year, overseas wines that came through Chinese ports totaled US$1.13 billion in value, almost reaching the record in January-August 2020, though still in the negative.

China’s Top Wine Import Sources in August 2021 vs 2020

Rank Country Value in 2021 Value in 2020 % Change
1 France US$68,380,008 US$50,431,069 +36%
2 Chile US$29,038,734 US$14,976,674 +94%
3 Italy US$14,488,221 US$8,112,768 +79%
4 Spain US$15,473,739 US$6,257,823 +147%
5 Argentina US$3,616,558 US$1,189,330 +204%
6 New Zealand US$3,499,771 US$1,072,476 +226%
7 United States US$2,906,819 US$2,100,721 +38%
8 South Africa US$2,496,928 US$907,271 +175%
9 Germany US$2,324,819 US$1,927,808 +21%
10 Australia US$1,906,207 US$53,716,568 -96%
Total US$149,597,750 US$144,594,655 +3%
Source: China Customs

Bottled Wine Categories in August 2021 vs 2020

Wine Category Value in 2021 Value in 2020 % Change
Sparkling US$11,179,724 US$5,987,940 +87%
Less than 2 liters US$128,283,151 US$133,553,733 -4%
Over 2 liters US$10,134,875 US$5,052,775 +101%
Source: China Customs

China’s Top Wine Import Sources YTD 2021 vs 2020

Rank Country Value in 2021 Value in 2020 % Change
1 France US$485,904,592 US$304,393,719 +60%
2 Chile US$219,958,920 US$139,244,614 +58%
3 Italy US$116,669,314 US$72,789,278 +60%
4 Spain US$98,677,704 US$62,894,100 +57%
5 Australia US$52,818,770 US$457,516,342 -88%
6 United States US$27,079,991 US$14,291,195 +89%
7 Argentina US$24,165,9409 US$17,479,899 +38%
8 South Africa US$20,750,949 US$9,071,277 +129%
9 Germany US$17,790,045 US$11,608,411 +53%
10 New Zealand US$15,517,779 US$11,103,128 +40%
Total US$1,127,698,648 US$1,142,067,315 -1%
Source: China Customs

Bottled Wine Categories YTD 2021 vs 2020

Wine Category Value in 2021 Value in 2020 % Change
Sparkling US$73,122,791 US$40,119,009 +82%
Less than 2 liters US$971,413,569 US$1,038,159,572 -6%
Over 2 liters US$83,157,616 US$63,777,133 +30%
Source: China Customs

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